A Lifelong Learner
I’ve always loved learning. I suppose everyone is born like this but for some reason my interest in the world never waned as I got older.

Ever since I was a kid and first heard Greek being spoken by my family, I wanted to understand what was going on in the world around me. Maybe it was this initial sense of mystery around a foreign language that jump-started my curiosity, or maybe my own innate biophilia as a child was nurtured when my parents let me catch bugs and pick flowers. No matter the origin, this has set me on a lifelong path to explore the world around me in all it’s manifestations.

Various Disciplines
This general sense of wonder towards the world has lead me to explore a variety of subjects: science (specifically biology and chemistry), languages and linguistics (French, Greek, and some Spanish), drama (specifically acting and writing), and philosophy (a whole bunch of stuff!). I’ve found over the years that these seemingly disparate subjects areas are more closely connected than most of us appreciate.

Uncovering new truths through discussion, inquiry, and debate are essential human experiences. It’s how we learn to learn. Acquiring new skills through training and practice is how we learn to do. Although my formal teaching career only began about 12 years ago, I’ve always been a fan of sharing what I know (and don’t know!) and learning from friends, peers, and mentors. My formal teaching career was simply a way to translate something I already did into a career.

I have taught a number of different subject areas (see my resume on LinkedIn), and am currently a certified New York State Biology teacher. I have also taught communications, drama, and writing at various colleges and universities. I have a Bachelors of Science in Biology from SUNY Binghamton (’00), a Masters of Fine Arts in Acting from the American Conservatory Theater in San Francisco (’08), and anticipate my Masters of Science in Education from SUNY Brockport in the spring of 2023.

I’m currently working as a Science Teacher’s Assistant at Hilton High School and tutoring at Varsity Tutors.

I live in Rochester, NY with my wife and two children. I enjoy travel, cooking, gardening, and fitness in addition to all the subjects I routinely read about. I’m active in the community as a real estate professional and you will still occasionally find me on stage and screen as a professional (AEA, SAG eligible) actor.

Feel free to say hi via this website, or find me on social media on one of the platforms below.

Or challenge me in a game of chess!

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